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The Oncoming Storm

Working through

Working through

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serious noodles
Viewing things from the inside
I still find that I don't have the time
To truly experience the thoughts I think
The words I speak
The passions I feel
There is a glass here, large, 2 inches thick - bullet proof
The light reflects through it in funny ways
On funny days
Oh how sometimes I wish I could just push right through
See what is truth
The continuous fabrics of the lives of me and you
This one sided window pane
It is a shame
Sometimes the fog is thick and I cannot see
What's standing there in front of me
Sometimes the demons dance inside
While outside is only rain and sunlight
How do I express to you these things I feel?
All my emotions, projected on a movie reel.
I want to tell you all the words
That move and hum, that bash and serve
Me as their master.
Ramble ramble on, still ever faster-
Don't you wonder what goes on inside my head?
Where wonder leads to crumbling falls
And emotions so strong I can't sit with them for long
As they loom like giants, arms ready to swallow me home
They're falling on top of me!-
And I, I run away
Live to fight another day
Don't you care to hear my struggle?
I can articulate above the rumble of my desperation
Listen close
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